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Medisave Accredited Clinic

CHAS (Community Health Assist Scheme) & PG (Pioneer Generation) Cards Accepted Here

Welcome To Pinnacle Dental

An established dental clinic offering general dental services since 2000.

Here at Pinnacle Dental, we pledge to provide the highest level of care to our patients using only high quality dental materials. We also practise the highest level of infection control in our clinic.

Our team of caring staff will ensure that you are well looked after and comfortable while meeting your dental needs.

We are a medisave accredited clinic, which allows use of medicine funds for approved dental procedures. We also accept CHAS (Community Health Assist Scheme) and PG ( Pioneer Generation) cards.

CHAS / PG Cards

As part of aiding the community to have access to basic dental treatment, Pinnacle Dental provides additional subsidy or totally absorbs treatment cost for procedures like scaling, polishing, topical fluoride treatment, curettage and  extractions.

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Our Services

Providing the highest level of care to our patients.


We provide comprehensive restorative dentistry for patients who suffer...

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We help patients prevent tooth decay and other dental diseases and co...

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Oral Surgery

We help our patients treat diseases and injuries in the hard and soft...

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Braces Package

We offer a package and instalment scheme for our braces treatment. Braces, or orthodontic treatment, are used to straighten teeth to give you that beautiful, winning smile.

Teeth Whitening Package

We offer a take home whitening treatment which is safe, fast and effective. Patients can bleach their teeth conveniently at any time. Treatment does not damage or thin teeth and is minimally invasive. The result is fast and can be seen in 1-2 weeks.